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Jose Cuervo

Digital, Strategy, Social, Film



Japanese and Mexican cultures come together on the Jose Cuervo Japan social media channels,

where we create and curate content around the global best-selling tequila brand.

Our team brings a local flavor to the Jose Cuervo brand through localized content that we shoot,

direct and animate. We have since fostered a digital community where old and new fans alike

can discover vibrant Mexican culture with a distinctly Japanese palate.


Day of the Dead 2021

What do tequila, marigolds, and skulls have in common? That they took Japan by storm during the Day of the Dead celebration in our latest work for Jose Cuervo. We started with a dramatic display in some of the most prominent billboards in Shibuya Scramble, Shinjuku, and Osaka, where we grabbed people’s attention with a 3D video that literally felt like it was popping out of the screens. Next, we invited people to dig deeper into the celebration with Day of the Dead parties, Katrinas and all, in ten high-volume bars in the city. Finally, we took our concept to social media with tie-ups with key opinion leaders, all decked out like the living dead.

Results: +18% sales increase vs. 2019 (pre-pandemic) Highest Jose Cuervo Oct-Nov sales on record


Day of the Dead 2020

We brought the fiesty fanfare of the Mexican cultural holiday to our local social media audience through a monthlong series of animated illustrations, recipe content, makeup tutorials and a livestream collaboration with renowned DJ Sarasa. By producing a digital content rollout based around the famous Day of the Dead celebrations with Jose Cuervo tequila at the core, we grew our reach and engagement extensively among an audience that resonated with the brand's traditional values and liberating spirit.


Cuervo Soda Series

Two cultures come together in our Cuervo Soda series, where we produced a series of Japan-exclusive cocktails made with traditional Jose Cuervo tequila and local Japanese ingredients in a vibrant collection of beauty shots.