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Activation, Event, Space, Design, Production



Salesforce is the No. 1 CRM company in the world in terms of market share, as well as awareness overseas. In order to raise its awareness in Japan, the company implemented a 360-degree marketing campaign that transcended online and offline boundaries. Therefore, we were extensively involved in the planning and production of a wide variety of projects.



"AppExchange" offers more than 300 applications that extend the functionality of Salesforce. The most popular and highly rated applications in each category and industry were introduced in a ranking format. In addition to the UI, it is straightforward to understand while using attractive graphics and GIF animation. This lets us create a rich and gorgeous page that makes it an effective ranking list page.


Good Reminders

Because it's something you see every day, we made it easy to use, just like Salesforce. We were in charge of producing an original calendar that Salesforce gives away to their customers every year. We created a calendar that is both practical and well-designed, with visuals that convey Salesforce's core message and seasonal designs.


Great visuals

The digital age, whether it's online events, product-specific digital campaigns, or regional campaigns, we provided the creative that was fully optimized to the number of presentation Salesforce required.


Nice Merch

We handle both digital and non-digital aspects of creating customer contact points with Direct Messages (DMs). Interactive DMs, DMs with gifts, and even unusual Makimono-shaped DMs?, we created so many kinds of DMs that made people double take!


The booth at the end of the rainbow

Salesforce, the leading cloud-based software company from San Francisco, has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community since day one, so it was only fitting that they be part of the biggest day for the Japanese community: the Tokyo Rainbow Pride. 

Following the concept of Matsuri (a Japanese traditional festival), Salesforce's TRP booth was covered in chōchin lanterns, hand-painted by calligrapher/drag queen/LGBTQ+ community influencer Maaya Wakasugi (www.maayamaaya.com), and housed five live HANAYUI performances (Ikebana flower art on hair) by Hanayuishi Takaya (http://takaya.boo.jp). All in all, a proud celebration of Pride, the Japanese, campy way.

Salesforce's booth turned out to be a must-see attraction in the 2019 TRP, welcoming more than 3,700+ visitors in just two days, and was featured in several national and international media outlets.